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Code of Ethics - Personal Appearance and Dress Code
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A. All teachers shall:-


  1. At all times be pleasant in manners with respect to the execution of their role.
  2. As far as is reasonably possible, present a pleasing countenance in their interaction with students and other stakeholders, and avoid any appearance or show that may intimidate, annoy or unduly distract their students or members of the public.
  3. Take all reasonable care and caution to ensure that body adornments and / or protective covering fall well within the ambit of sobriety, modesty and professionalism.
  4. Keep their hair conventionally groomed and well within a style characteristic of their sex and indicative of the Teaching profession.
  5. Dress well within norms dictated by their sex and their profession.
  6. Wear at work the kind of footwear which is clearly of the “dress” type, and preferably closed in form. However, teachers shall NOT wear sneakers, sandals or slippers except in situations which dictate such footwear, and where special permission is given. Clogs, boots and water-boots may be won on special occasions with authoritative approval. Deviation otherwise must be for certified medical or health reasons.
  7. Not wear at work any jeans, track-pants, jerseys, t-shirts or polo-shirts except on special occasions, and subject to authoritative approval.
  8. Wear formal Union jerseys only on union occasions, or otherwise approved by authority.
  9. Ensure that their mode of dress outside the physical and temporal limits of the school brings no reproach to their school or to the Teaching Profession.

B. At Work all Male Teachers shall:-

  1. Maintain their hair well within the dominant norms characterizing their sex.
    • That is, the hair of the head should be:-
      1. lean and of its natural colour except in cases when one may use relevant substances to darken grey hair.
      2. combed and brushed.
      3. of reasonable length, that is, extremely long to distract.
      4. Loose, and not be plaited.
    • That is, hair on the face may be:-
      1. brushed or combed or
      2. shaved – to present a well groomed facial appearance.
  2. Deviation from any of (i) and (ii) above may only be for certified cultural, religious or medical reasons.

  3. Maintain clean and short-cut fingernails on both hands.
  4. Be free to decide to wear or not to wear a tie.
  5. Where ties are not worn, wear shirt-jacks or shirts which must employ all buttons except the “neck-button”.
  6. Wear pants/trousers of the normal “dress material” and “dress type” beginning at waist height and extending to the instep and heel sections of their shoes.
  7. Ensure that all dress materials be of pastel colours, and not gaudy or carnival like.
  8. Not wear ear or nose rings, or “tattoo” on exposed surface of their bodies.

C. At work all Female Teachers shall:-

  1. Avoid wearing any dress, bodice or blouse with:
  2. 2.Avoid wearing any dress or skirt
  3. 3.Use colours for dress, as well as for make-up and accessories, reflective of sobriety and good taste.
  4. 4.Wear pants skirts or pants suits if they so desire.
  5. 5.Not wear excessive body-adornments including, several rings of the finger, or ear or nose rings thereby causing distraction to their students. (NB: engagement and wedding rings are acceptable)
  6. 6.Not wear “tattoo” on any exposed surface of their bodies.
    • Shorter than knee-height
    • Which may permit exposure of any part of the body above the knee when they bend or write on chalkboard.



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