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All Teachers:-

  1. Shall always strive to enhance the intellectual, social and moral growth of students.
  2. Shall seek to encourage the development of good self-esteem in pupils, and to eliminate the possibility of unnecessary embarrassment or disparagement.
  3. Shall strive to instill in students a sense of patriotism and national pride.
  4. Shall develop in students an appreciation for high standards and a desire to strive for excellence in their various spheres of life.
  5. Shall safeguard confidential information about pupils and only disclose such information for compelling reasons or if required by law.
  6. Shall not attempt to undermine the confidence of teachers in students, or of students in others students.
  7. Shall take reasonable care to protect the safety and welfare of all students.
  8. Shall not exploit or violate the privileged relationship between teacher and student in order to subdue, proselytize or for ideological control of any student.
  9. Shall exercise authority with justice and comparison and take all possible steps to protect their students from any form of verbal, mental, physical or sexual abuse.
  10. Shall respect and deal justly and considerately with each student regardless of sex, ethnic origin, social or economic status, political or religious affiliation.
  11. Shall respect the rights of all students, to benefit from the provisions identified in the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, particularly as these rights apply to education.
  12. Shall maintain high standards of professional competence by providing quality learning experiences for their students.
  13. Shall strive to improve the learning facilities and classroom environment for their students.
  14. Shall acknowledge the uniqueness, individuality and specific needs of each student, and provide guidance and encouragement to enable each student to realize his/her full potential.
  15. Shall impress upon their students the value of punctuality and regularity and be an example in this regard concerning the performance of their duty.
  16. Shall endeavour to ensure that their students be given the full amount of contact time with maximum time-on-task.
  17. Shall place high value on and demonstrate to students, commitment to excellence in work, manners and achievement.
  18. Shall encourage all students to show respect for others and be thoughtful and helpful at all times, especially in relation to the aged and the handicapped.
  19. Shall refrain from any word or act or appearance which can in any way mislead or scandalize a student.
  20. Shall equip their students with a wide range of essential social graces.
  21. Shall exercise due care, diligence and confidentiality in all matters affecting the welfare of the students.
  22. Shall instill in all students (a) the value of a litter-free and defacement-free environment (b) the urge to keep their tables, chairs, desks, classroom floor and walls; school buildings and school compound clean and tidy.
  23. Shall instill in their students a commitment to the conservation of all school resources.
  24. Shall instill in their students a deep respect for personal, private and public property and facilities.
  25. Shall undertake all reasonable measures to establish, promote and sustain any and all character-building student groups and organizations, such as students councils, drama, sporting and literary groups in their respective schools.




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